the light shining darkly

Every now and then, certain types of people need to recycle themselves; I consider myself one of those people.

What others view as evolution I see as degradation.

I was able to see more than my fair viewing share of this when working in Hillsboro, spending time amongst Mormons and tightwads, fat cunts and retards. I see it here in the desert, too. There’s no rhyme or reason as to why people allow themselves to grow old, dumb, and fat. And there’s certainly no limit in where they allow it to happen. I think it equates to as how much time a person allows themselves to sit in front of the television, myself. And so in living in a town like I am now, where everything closes down at 5pm, I see an exemplary medium for which to breed ignorance and stupidity. Flip that bitch on at 5:15 and away we go. Stuff that fucker full.

Back to the recycling. I’m all over this recycling thing. The way that I happen to renew my interest in life is by changing up my medication. Now maybe that you’ve seen that word, ‘medication’, you’ve already formed your own little opinion in what it means to be ‘medicated‘? Set it aside, we’ve no use for it here.

Anyway, I’m heading for a change. Going to pull back a bit and look to something different. For some reason, doing it this way helps me see things in a different light. And right now, I’m afraid that the light I’m beginning to see things in is the same light that the fat fuck who lives in the house next to me is eating his TV-Dinner by; that light that starts to shine right at 5:15 when he gets home from work, takes the shit he’s been looking forward to all day, and then shines at his overweight and light-sickened face like it has since 1972.

Pulling back….

One thought on “the light shining darkly

  1. -:word:-

    but just wait, wait until you reach their mental/physical age, and then..
    cuz thats the only way to figure out how they got there. at least thats how i figure out how people get the way i would have rejected in the blink oph an eye. and if i dont get that way, then i cant possibly ever say i know how they did, get, that way.

    but some sure do. get like that. and im quite asured, with my 26 yr old life behind me, that i might.

    peace. j.


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