captain re-sat

As much as I’d like to say I had a ‘great ole time’ making the switch from suboxone back to opiates, I cannot. It just wasn’t that great. It feels like I poisoned myself with nostalgia and am now tainted for the long haul. My thoughts of being in Portland made me so sick that I’m currently looking for ways to get back there, whether subliminal or not; I’ve already applied for a couple of jobs.

That aside, I’m now making the switch back to buprenorphine yet again. The pain in my legs is getting to me and I can only hope that I waited long enough before making the switch. I’ve had friends that have decided otherwise and have endured the pain of a dozen kicks, all in one sitting. Let’s hope this isn’t me…? It’s too late now, I’ve already dosed. Only time will tell. 20 minutes? An hour? I can’t remember how long. I can already feel my head tightening up a little bit, let’s hope it’s just out of paranoia and nothing else.

One thought on “captain re-sat

  1. i cant say i feel with you since i havnt been where you are, but i hear you ok?
    and i keep reading, you write very well dude. lotsa luck to you.



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