unscathed (almost)

As good of a time as any, I guess. I had always thought I’d come away from it all with maybe some partially blackened lungs and a collapsed vein or two. I never envisioned actually having my teeth rot right out from my mouth (although this is one fairly common trait shared amongst opiate addicts.) […]

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four down, five to go

The migraine of a lifetime and an experience I’m not all that anxious to repeat; over and hour for a single filling, two thirds of which had to be drilled out beforehand. The other three were a breeze and no more worse than the sting of the novacaine, but the first was bad and will […]

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I thought it would be worse. I thought it might be better. Nine cavities is damn near one for every year I neglected to take myself to the dentist; a small price to pay for the amount of abuse I’ve dished out to this poor body of mine. Fifteen-hundred dollars is another story. Where I’ll […]

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the green that isn't grass

I have a cavity. Three days now with this persistent toothache and it’s not looking like its going to go away by itself. It’s been at least 10 years since I’ve been to a dentist, and I’m up late at night at the thought of going to one now. Sixteen teeth have been pulled from […]

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how the green grass grows

Seasons always fuck with my head. When winter decides to make an appearance, I think of dope. When summer comes along, I think about the heat (and dope.) Spring. Fall. Dope. Dope. This buprenorphine trip really isn’t all that bad, but don’t let it fool you; its not without cost. Sure, kicking the junk is […]

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