four down, five to go

The migraine of a lifetime and an experience I’m not all that anxious to repeat; over and hour for a single filling, two thirds of which had to be drilled out beforehand. The other three were a breeze and no more worse than the sting of the novacaine, but the first was bad and will need a crown. My head is killing me and for the last several hours I’ve not been able to do much else other than lay here and hope that it’ll somehow go away.

I can hardly wait for next week, when they do the other five. What kind of horrific shit did people have to go through back in the 1800’s? I understand that only forty years ago dentists would do the same kind of work, but without the novacaine altogether. What kind of shit is that? I’m guessing what they say is true; that an opiate-addict’s tolerance for pain is pretty much nil in comparison to that of a normal person. I know mine is, but I thought it was limited only to emotional pain; who would’ve thought that I might just be a big pussy, all the way around?

More fun to come…

2 thoughts on “four down, five to go

  1. At least you had a reasonably competent dentist, unlike the sadistic S.O.B I saw in Connecticut. More than three years on, I still wince, thinking of those extractions.


  2. NO shit!! I can’t imagine someone drilling out my mouth w/o novocaine–no way!! That’s the only good thing that came from losing all my teeth to opiates—now I have false ones and no more toothaches—ever!! Thank God!


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