i believe in jesus (juice)

Only another hour or so until they accounce the Michael Jackson verdict. I haven’t been a real big follower of the whole thing, but it is interesting. Jackson goes to jail? My god, the entertainment value of this guy winding up in prison is just too much. If he didn’t do it, great; let the guy go, but man! Prison time for one of the rich and famous? Sorry, prison time for one of the richest and most famous? What a trip.

It even scares me a little; it puts prison at an even closer reach seeing a guy like Michael Jackson facing the kind of reality that only a life in prison can provide. I’m surprised he’d even show. If I was Jackson, I’d hire a look-alike, pay the guy like a million to impersonate, and leave the country to live with Polanski. Man, to be looking down the barrel at a gun full of prison, it can’t be fun.

Any minute….

One thought on “i believe in jesus (juice)

  1. Was there ever any doubt Jacky boys homelife version of the Monopoly Board came fully loaded with a liftime’s worth of counterfeit “Get out of jail free’ cards? His guilt or innocence could never have been established anyway in todays courtrooms. They’re a farce..all we’ve got I realise..but still a farce. I guess the best we can hope for is that Mr. J follows the karmic law of ‘do unto others.’

    Woulda been a trip indeed had he gotten time..probably wouldn’t have made it. Then again…prison has a way of making even the most passive among us..rise up against the machine.


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