a serious venture

With my last few hundred dollars I’ve decided to pay all my bills and cut my expenses down to almost nothing. I ditched my home phone at $70 a month and went with VoIP at a mere $15. I’ve changed my cell plan to cost me an easy $30 a month instead of $80. I’ve […]

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here we go

As much as I’ve wanted (and tried) to ignore the whole Hepatitis C thing, the day to start treatment is coming much faster than I’d like. I’ve done no reading, no research, nothing to acknowledge that I’m probably going to be sick as fuck for about a month, and then to top it all off, […]

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need. more. time.

I wish I had more time to put towards the so-called story of my life here. In trying to start a business and make things happen I find that the days go by far too quickly and seem to be one big mesh of milky brain puss at the end of the week. Last weekend […]

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