need. more. time.

I wish I had more time to put towards the so-called story of my life here. In trying to start a business and make things happen I find that the days go by far too quickly and seem to be one big mesh of milky brain puss at the end of the week.

Last weekend was great; a four day trip out of town, out to a lake, and on to the beach.

Only a few more unemployment checks are coming in. Then what?

Mormons just came to my door. When I asked them what they were doing, I noticed my voice was shaking a little. I guess I get mad easily. I asked just what the fuck they thought they were going to accomplish by “taking a few minutes of my time to speak about Jesus” and the response I got was some brainwashed pre-program that served no purpose. It was the other guy that got to me. I could tell by looking into his young eyes that he was either scared or fairly uncomfortable. I let it go. “Thanks, guys, but you’re humping the wrong tree.” I almost feel guilty, nah.

James Frey’s new book, “My Friend Leonard” was fucking fantastic. His first one was great and this one was even better. I highly recommend checking it out if you have the means. I would actually recommend reading the second book before the first, honestly. I wish I could’ve read it that way. Anyway, go get it – Frey has a great writing style and his stories are all true and down to earth.

A day late from the holiday, my unenjoyment arrives. Off the to bank…

7 thoughts on “need. more. time.

  1. Loving the Popeye lQQk..always have loved him.

    Sounds like you had the kinda time at the lake I wish to God I’d were the buggero’s down/up your way? Good call on the Mormon kid..guess he’s kust getting his spiritual side ‘wet,’ let’s hope so anyway. Heard about “My Friend Leonard,” just the other night from a friend..will have to give it a read now.

    Wishing you another fine week-end B..



  2. I wish you had more time to add to this, too. I enjoy your writing. Tell us what’s going on chez bi11i… even if it’s just a brief update? You could make standing on line at the DMV sound thrilling. 😉

    And you also made my blog look great – thanks! You’re pure genius…


  3. PS..God I ‘p.s.’ people to death in the comment sections. Sorry for that..I suppose I need to really think ‘am I done’ b4 hitting ‘send.’


    anyways B…love the look and feel of this new theme you have going on..very soothing and cool to the read..especially during these wicked days of heat that’ve been pounding us.

    ‘am i done?’

    ..hitting ‘send.’



  4. Hey, wow, I see a Burroughs cover just above this.

    I was replying to this to say something amusing about people coming to the door for religious reasons. It’s sad that it doesn’t happen here, I got un-used to it when I spent ten years living in a gated community, but now that I don’t, still nobody comes…how sad

    Anyway, jehovah’s witnesses would come to the door when I was growing up with my parents in Brooklyn, NY and one day my dad was chasing around one of our two cats, Lizzie, to take her to the vet to get declawed…so she still had her claws. Over the course of an hour or more, every time he got close to her, she would rip him open as best she could, then run away again. After a long while of this, the doorbell rang. A jehovah’s witness group. My dad holds up his bloody arms, clad in a white t-shirt COVERED in blood, and says in a perfect dracula-style voice “I’ve been waiting for you”

    They never came back, ever, and I think we were blacklisted or something.


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