here we go

As much as I’ve wanted (and tried) to ignore the whole Hepatitis C thing, the day to start treatment is coming much faster than I’d like. I’ve done no reading, no research, nothing to acknowledge that I’m probably going to be sick as fuck for about a month, and then to top it all off, I’m jobless with about $10 to my name. I’ve got about nine-hundred dollars in unemployment that’s yet to come in, but spread over three weeks (and with my expenses) it may as well not even be.

Thank Santa, I’ve insurance to cover all of this crap – with all the buprenorphine, doctor visits, medications, and other miscellaneous treatments I’ve had so far – I bet I’ve paid my premium thirty times over. I have to admit, it certainly does bring a smile to my face in knowing that all of my misery is at least socking it to some shitty insurance company somewhere.

Onward and upward – I’m confident something magical will happen before too long. I certainly can’t be destined to live like this forever…

One thought on “here we go

  1. I know just how you feel, about being broke and faced with expenses. I am hoping that something magical will happen for me as well. But knowing my luck I might very well be destined to live this way forever…


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