Supreme Lethargy

Even after working out daily for a couple of weeks, my energy levels are still completely shot. The Hepatitis is taking hold, reminding me that I need to get this treatment process started sooner than later. With three businesses and two projects to maintain, I don’t know how I’m going to manage. I’m already putting […]

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not in my backyard

The bastards. I moved from Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho in hopes of finding a decent job back in my hometown and possibly the opening of a few new doors. So far, I’ve not had much luck, although I have been able to generate some small change via self-employment . In coming back, however, I […]

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Ten-thousand, nine-hundred, fifty.

I keep telling myself I’ll spend a few minutes here working on my blog today — I keep putting it off. I must be expecting something profound or enlightening to spill out from my hands out onto the screen; nothing doing.

Today, I’m thirty years old. My twenties are over. My twenties are over and I’m damn near certain that the damage I’ve done to my long-term memory is what’s keeping me from spending the day lost in regret at having wasted some of my best years struggling and learning how to become the person that I am today. I do, however, find much comfort in my optimisim for what the future has in store and also in the experience that I’ve gained by taking the path that I have. If I only would’ve spent the first part of my life directing as much energy into making money as I did in shooting it up into my arm…

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