not in my backyard

The bastards. I moved from Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho in hopes of finding a decent job back in my hometown and possibly the opening of a few new doors. So far, I’ve not had much luck, although I have been able to generate some small change via self-employment . In coming back, however, I can definitely say that I’ve noticed just how prejudiced the people of this town really are, regardless of how much they want to believe themselves otherwise. Here I live in a section of town supposedly the neighborhoods of all neighborhoods. A dense area full of interesting old houses, most of which are tightly packed with trees and historical structures. Right in the center lies an area with coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and other such places to waste time and money. Super-low living costs, lots of room for growth, a fucking suburban paradise, to say the least.

In downtown Boise, you rarely see a homeless or transient person and if you do you’ll soon come to recognize them or even know their name as the town can be that small. The drug addicts and Junkies mainly stay indoors, especially during this time of year when it can get to be over a hundred degrees outside and the heat is almost unbearable. When they think of Idaho, most people either think of potatoes or racism, one of the two if not both. Boise is no exception.

One block down from me, in the middle of this so-called paradise, sits a shelter housing seven women. This shelter has been there for years and is probably in better shape than most of the places that I have lived at in the last decade. This facility is soon to house seventy people, and not just pregnant women and teens as it did before, but regular folk, just like the Junktified you and me. The rest of the neighborhood is out of their heads about it. Letters and flyers have all made the rounds several times throughout the neighborhood, people have been on the news, cops are already trolling the area, looking for violators. Regardless of the fact that people don’t want it to happen, the people are coming (in fact, I saw a few today.) To say the very least, it pleases me to know that the rest of the neighborhood is losing sleep over thinking they’re about to lose their precious paradise. I’m intent on doing what I can to move things along…

On Monday, I’m heading down there to see about donating my services and technical resources, as well as to see if they have computers and Internet connectivity to use for finding work, passing time, (blogging?) etc. I’ve spent the last nine months trying to find a job in this shitty, fucked-up town and have had no luck. I can relate with the frustrations of not being able to find a job or generate an income and nothing pisses me off more than the “not in my backyard” mentality. I’m happy to help and hope they need it. I need the outlet.

3 thoughts on “not in my backyard

  1. I live a historic neighborhood with brick streets and roundabouts and all that stuff. In the winter people pay for sleigh rides through my hood. Weird. Anyway my point is really about the shelter, good for you. That karma will come back to you. You will find something bi11i. I was a head hunter once. Not that that means anything but if you have any questions about your resume or interviewing stuff that is me all the way. KEL


  2. Bravo B…really!

    The town..although sounding beautiful esthetically seems to lack substance..they need someone like you to shake their compassion back into the mix. Your input and knowledge will help make it so.

    You never know B..this here could be the ‘reason’ you really went back home…and a damn good one it is too.

    If you live in a small town, or a place where everyone is more or less the same, it’s easy to dislike anyone you don’t know. The more information you have, the more comfortable you are with the broad range of human experience, the more you start to see the human side of things.
    ~Tom Ford~

    The “what should be” never did exist, but people keep trying to live up to it. There is no “what should be,” there is only what is.
    ~Lenny Bruce~

    kep thyself well amigo


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