Supreme Lethargy

Even after working out daily for a couple of weeks, my energy levels are still completely shot. The Hepatitis is taking hold, reminding me that I need to get this treatment process started sooner than later.

With three businesses and two projects to maintain, I don’t know how I’m going to manage. I’m already putting in a good sixty hours a week, how am I going to make all of these things work? I feel like I’m trying to cram too much living into my short little life and now to stack on a treatment comparable to chemo? So fucking incredibly frustrating.

These things must work out. This is a crucial time in my life; for me, for my son and my family, and for my woman, who puts up with so much. I’m only a few short hurdles away from infinite success and, of course, a wrench in the works at the most crucial of times. I start on the 1st of October, I’ve decided. Might as well finish out the month in good shape…

6 thoughts on “Supreme Lethargy

  1. Bi11i, I love junkylife so much. I mean last night I was on messenger w/ Ogre, Samantha, SickGirl, Kimmik, and Junkyard Saint. Anyway I just wanted to stop by and say damn I appreciate the hard work you do. I was helping Kim with pictures this morning and well I am still not so good at editing templates but anyway my point is this. If any of us can help you just let us know. I mean Ogre, Samantha, and SickGirl are all very good with wordpress. Samantha being very good with computers as a whole. And though I have not mentioned this to them I am sure they would be happy to assist other JL people. I am sure you have tons more on your plate than that but if we can help then great. Also about the upgrade. It gets done when it gets done. IMO your health comes first. Just thought I would stop by and say thanks again and again. This site has enriched my life in ways you can only imagine. So if changing a life makes you feel better then you should feel great.


  2. This may be a little immature to speak of yet, but my husband my have hepatitis not sure which one and not sure which one that you have. We are waiting for test results. When I read your last blog in it I am the woman you speak of who puts up with so much but I love my husband and would not have it any other way. I guess what I am asking for is some insight from you on this disease. He is tired all the time and his liver tests were elevated they are running hep test now and its a waiting game. Maybe you can share with me whats going on with you and how its afftecting you, so I can be prepared to go through this with my man. Thank you! Your blogs and all the other ones here are such an inspiration to me. I came along this sight via Mary. I adore her she is the best.


  3. Just take care of yourself Bi11i,you’re much loved and we all have a tremendous outlet/communtity here at JL because of you.Your health comes first,love Bella


  4. Echoing the sentiments of Bella, I just wanted to say you’re an inspiration, my friend. Take care of yourself and remember, one day at a time. You have plenty of help here from Junkylifers, in various guises – just remember to lean on us when need be.
    – *Hugs*, Peri


  5. kudo’s bi11i you do do such great work so as to benifit the masses.if there’s anything some of us can do to lighten the load . I agree with all beforementioned(sic) haha i love making up my own language lol heehee anyhows, youse iz # 1 in my book brudda
    peace /out da/dogg


  6. Ok it is back to normal, my blog. I am Mexican, browns and blacks have authority problems as you see, plus when your chewing me out I go into the speakie no English mode, which I found out doesn’t work with you. J/k you Billi, I really love all the help and trust you show me, it is noticed and I am grateful to be here and grateful that your interest in showing me and teaching me. Many Thanks Billi

    Katie Xoxo


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