Day One

I did up my first dose of Peginterferon. I don’t really feel much yet, maybe a little slugish… …Happy Halloween.

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I’ve not had nearly the amount of time I would’ve liked to prepare for this treatment. Interferon and Ribavirin are on my desk and my stomach turns every time I look at them. From what I read about this stuff, I’m not going to be in the greatest of shape come tomorrow. Sleeplessness, lethargy, and […]

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Time enough

Only a couple of days left until I start my treatment. I’ve set a static, unalterable, and definite date for the start of my treatment. I didn’t get the job I interviewed for, most of my affairs are in order, and I’m all set to start on the 29th. The 29th! Only a few days […]

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Put me off again, Daddy.

I was supposed to start yesterday. I didn’t. I had an interview for a job, instead; something I’m thinking about more and more as the day for treatment approaches. Working from home and being self-employed has it’s kicks, but my family needs the money and I’m sure they’re tired of me trying to make it […]

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I’ve always been a big fan of music. I started collecting vinyl a few years ago after I sold my 1500 CD collection, piece by piece, for money to buy smack. I figure that I’d never get an offer great enough to want to part with my vinyl as there’s really not too many folks […]

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countdown to interferon

I finally made my appointment. My doctor gave me a quick lesson in how to use a needle. Like I need one of those, but what the hell – it can’t hurt to go through the motions, I’ve been out of practice for at least a couple of years. There was a point in time […]

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October Smoctober

As silly and as stupid as this sounds, I’m not starting until the 17th. Interferon can wait; my insurance has covered the $2700 in medications at $35, it sits in my refridgerator, waiting. Waiting and listening for me to make the plunge. The 17th it is.

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