October Smoctober

As silly and as stupid as this sounds, I’m not starting until the 17th. Interferon can wait; my insurance has covered the $2700 in medications at $35, it sits in my refridgerator, waiting. Waiting and listening for me to make the plunge. The 17th it is.

2 thoughts on “October Smoctober

  1. Hey Bi11i. Hey man that doesn’t really sound stupid. Hell it’d be hard for me to start something that would live me so weak and shitty feeling. Hell as junkies we feel bad enough most of the time anyway, clean or not.


  2. I feel for you. I remember waiting for that first dose of chemo. Knowing I needed it to get better and knowing it was going to put me down. I used a lot of visuals. Seeing the treatment running through me killing the bad shit. good luck. I will be thinking of you. You do so much for all of us. KEL


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