Put me off again, Daddy.

I was supposed to start yesterday. I didn’t. I had an interview for a job, instead; something I’m thinking about more and more as the day for treatment approaches. Working from home and being self-employed has it’s kicks, but my family needs the money and I’m sure they’re tired of me trying to make it out here on my own (although I’m *this* close…!)

I’ll wait another few days to see if I get the job. If I do, I’ll wait until a week or three after I start the job so they don’t know any better. Maybe they’ll think it’s the flu. If I don’t get the job, I’ll get this treatment thing underway immediately.

At least I have the medication. I have it in my fridge – it’s ready to go! At $3000, it better be ready to go. How do people afford this shit that don’t have insurance?

2 thoughts on “Put me off again, Daddy.

  1. I am worse than you at this point I dont want to know what my “treatment” will be. I hope you get the job, it’s to bad you must be employed for one year to qualify for FMLA. Wishing you the best. I hate to say this but you need to get going with the treatment. So please start as soon as you can. I mean it’s none of my business. But anyway.


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