Time enough

Only a couple of days left until I start my treatment. I’ve set a static, unalterable, and definite date for the start of my treatment. I didn’t get the job I interviewed for, most of my affairs are in order, and I’m all set to start on the 29th. The 29th! Only a few days away. Struggling to make rent, but confident something will happen before the end of the month. I completed several of my projects and am set to work and research at home for at least several weeks. One thing I’m definitely excited about doing (however excited a guy can be in knowing he’s about to be sick as fuck for twenty-four weeks) is catching up on Junkylife. I feel bad, even guilty in fact, that I’ve been unable to read the blogs of those who make this whole thing possible. It will be nice to become more of a part of it, instead of just supporting it (although I do have to admit that MexicanMud has donated some serious time and energy into Junkylife over the past few months. A brilliant girl, and a huge help.)

On another front, I’m an uncle today. With me at 30 years old and with a ten-year-old son, it’s about time my younger brother came up with at least one nephew mind for me to corrupt. My woman started to tear up a bit when she held him, which only means one thing, and thank Santa I’m starting this treatment so I have a reason to protest; the last thing I need right now is a pregnant woman while I’m treating Hepatitis. He is pretty cute, though, and born in the same hospital (in fact only one room over) from my son. Speaking of whom, it was great to see the look on my son’s face when he first met his new cousin – his look of curiosity, interest, and wonder at seeing a newborn baby. I often regret not having another child, even at such a young age, to brother or sister my first. Maybe someday…

2 thoughts on “Time enough

  1. Sorry about the job. I am however happy for you and starting the treatment! Ya you hit the nail on the head with Katie she has done a great job especially helping me with my blog. A great help! I am like you with one child. I am 35 and sometimes I think about it and other times I am like no friggin way. I have a 16 yr old so I guess that explains it. Good luck with the treatment and getting back to JL. BUTTERFLY


  2. Good luck Billi, remember get help with symptoms. They have a lot of good drugs that will help with the energy loss and other stuff. Keep the depression away and try to work out. Anyway, talk to you soon.


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