Day One

5 thoughts on “Day One

  1. Bi11i,
    you’re so cool! Do you still smoke pot? It can help with the nausea, but so can a drug called Marinol, a THC derivative in capsulr form. Keep the faith…………………….Soma


  2. Good on you bi11i,good to see you posting too,keep us informed,I’m keen to learn of your progress and I’m about to make an appointment myself to have the liver and hep status checked out.Thanks for the encouragement,a good boot up the arse,reality check,so I read with great interest.I hope it goes without any stress or ill effects.Love ya


  3. Bi11i, let us know how you are please. You have been in my thoughts. Again I cannot thank you enough for this outlet. Junkylife is getting me through this time.

    Peace, KEL


  4. You’d think by now someone would’ve come up with a way to ease the side-effects. I second the pot thing..have heard many times it helps. I hope it gets easier sweetie..really I do.

    God speed


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