It’s been about two and half weeks since I started my Pegainterferon and Ribavirin treatment for my Hep C. Surprisingly, the first week really wasn’t all that bad. I could definitely feel the poison running through my veins and it certainly wasn’t a natural sick feeling that I’ve been enduring. The second week (my injections, I decided, take place on Monday evening) I woke up Tuesday feeling like I should be dead. More poison feeling, and a sickness similar to being dope-sick (although not has bad – definitely not as bad), I fought through the day and barely made it to swim.

Wednesday was fucked. Totally fucked. I don’t think I’ve felt that awful since the last time I kicked Heroin. Nightmares all night and constant nausea. Thursday I realize that I’ve got a cold or the flu. This is good news, actually, as I would rather be going through some type of small viral sickness, rather then assume this is it – this is how my treatment is going to be for the next six months.

Monday was a little better, but Tuesday I woke up with a nosebleed. I never have nosebleeds, in fact, I can’t remember when I had one at all, to be honest. All day long I’ve got bright red blood shooting out of my nose – real attractive, I’m sure. Today is better, although I took my Ribavirin on a somewhat-empty stomach and have been paying the price for most of the day. Eat! Eat, boy! Eat!

All in all, this week is better than I expected. Thinking about six months of this isn’t all that easy, but knowing that it only gets better from here on out is a good thing. My third injection had no noticeable effects, whereas the second just kicked my ass.

Thanks, thanks, thanks! Thanks to all those that have been so supportive, sending me mails and wishing me well. I seriously appreciate your concern and hope that you’re all in the best of places…

8 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I’m glad to hear you’re hanging in there. I still have to get checked for Hep C and have been putting it off ’cause I really don’t want to know, but then again, I have to know…


  2. It’s a bit scary to see you going through this…Harv, who has never touched heroin or a needle to himself in his life, has Hep C and keeps putting off treatment. I’m a whole lot scared but seeing you able to handle it helps me have faith for him…though he won’t have the thought of it being less bad than sickness because he hasn’t ever felt that.

    Thinking about it makes me very clearly understand his wish to just sweep it under the rug and not deal with it. But it’s going to keep dealing with him so I think I’m going to get more pushy about going for treatment. I try to be respecting of his reluctance, but I think he might need my push more than my respect at this point.


  3. Oh Bi11i,it sounds aweful-I’m so sorry that you have to go thru’ it.I hope it all settles down real fast.
    I appreciate you telling us about your progress like this,educating those who probably need to look into it.Thanks and feel well soon,love


  4. Yes, the nose bleeds are normal. You are doing really well, I’m so proud of you.
    Try and find foods that you like, lots of green leafy vegies and fruit juice.
    I hope you are injecting at night and then take two paracetemol to rest on.


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