Getting Better

Strangely enough, things are getting better much quicker than I expected. Last week I was thinking that continuuing on with this foul treatment was going to be an impossibility, but this week things are different. I’m not feeling all that rotten; mainly nauseated and tired a lot of the time, but not completely fuckered. Being self-employed definitely has benefits, especially on those days when sleeping in until ten or so sounds like a plan.

I really, really appreciate all the help and support from the JL crew; you guys are fantastic. It’ll be interesting to one day meet the lot of you, I’m sure.

I’ve been contemplating modifying my XBOX, a suggestion by Paint It Black and without having to add any hardware- now to either talk the machine’s co-owner into it or head out and buy another one. (Or maybe do this, instead.) Apparently, there are entire versions of Linux created just for the box – I wonder if PS2 has the same techno-following (or if it can be hacked?) Anyone else done such a thing?

Rent’s due in a couple of days – anyone want to pay it for me?

4 thoughts on “Getting Better

  1. Billi,

    Glad to hear that you’re doing better, or at least maintaining better than you originally thought.

    PS I may be able to contribute a little money in the next few weeks for rent.



  2. yes ps2 can be modified with a hard rive, I have one. It is not like the xbox were it will boot up like a comp., you need the HD LOADER disc when you turn it on the disc has to be on for it to run the games. All you can do is a copy a game to the hard drive, play it and delete, not like the xbox way less simple. email me if you want more info


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