Merry Xmas 2 Me

I just found out yesterday that I have no detectable levels of Hep C in my blood and only after six weeks of treatment. Fantastic news for what has otherwise been a fairly stressful week, dealing with idiots & retards both in reality and cyberspace alike.

Business is picking up in other areas and things are looking good. We’ve got a handful of new Junkylife members and all are most definitely gifted.

We had our first Nigerian 419 scammer via our contact form. These folks truly are stupid – no doubt about it. Maybe they’d care to make a donation, instead?

I’m not a big fan of Christmas. I never have the money and when I do, it’s not enough. Dec 12th, 1997 was the date that I finally explained to my wife, my family, and my parents, that I’d been using IV cocaine and heroin for the last three years. I’d sold it all. We had nothing, I had nothing. I had to kick starting on the 13th. Christmas was shitty. Every year since, the minute I start seeing Christmas crap in the stores, I start feeling guilty. Will the guilt ever go away? I’m sure someday it will. Not this Christmas.

Christmas is for folks that are fans of Jesus. This is not me, I am not a follower of such idiocy. I am a fan of the lie that is Santa Claus, however, and I’ve told it to my son for the past ten years (and will do so for an eleventh.) It’s for his own good (much like Jesus is for everyone else.)

11 thoughts on “Merry Xmas 2 Me

  1. My sister has a boy 9 years old, he is starting to figure it out. However the rule in her house is as long as you believe Santa will bring a gift. Her daughters 19 and 21 both firmly believe in Santa, because why throw away the opportunity for another present. I think it’s very cute. I am not a huge fan of what Christmas does to people. My thoughts are it’s a time to think of others, give, dream of peace on earth, and finally let adults live out a fantasy of giving to children. I try to focus on these things. My tradition is that every Christmas I must donate some time to a needy organization. I always tell people that are alone and depressed on Christmas to go to a homeless shelter and volunteer that day. It will make you thankful for all you have. It also puts the commercial aspect into prospective. Peace to your family Bi11i, KEL


  2. That is fabulous,fab news about the hep Bi11i,I’m rapt for you.
    Yes the Christmas commerce/orgy/family shit/guilt and whatever.I’m always very glad to wake on January 2nd.Have a beauty anyway,stressless.It’s a great time for kids and now I see it is a good time to get some chatting time with family who mostly in my case are feeling the ,no a similar way to me about it.Cheers bi11i.


  3. Excuse me Bi11i,
    I think you are getting a little confused about this whole thing- let me explain. Santa Claus is ACTUALLY the Baby Jesus’ UNCLE! Get it? And when Santa Brings him the Frankenstein and Mrttle, and leaves presents for the animals? And then they all get in the sliegh and ride to Bedford Falls, and, and,…I think I need to check THE BOOK on how this ends.


  4. is that Bedford Falls or St. Catherines, Quebec..I think it’s the llatter. Anyways bah humbug on u folks..Christmas is what you make it whatever your spiritual faith..Christmas is every day of the year’s in the focusing of the spirit the the the snow that falls as I the ‘high’ of it.

    OKay did anyone buy that?

    When in doubt turn on a sappy FM station and the christmas carol’s are sure to bring a tear to the old pinned eye.

    Am pleased as punch to hear your Hep C viral load is undetectable..way to to interferon B!!!

    God bless…even if you don’t buy into him..and much health..happiness & $ in the coming year



  5. Thats great news. I was going to wait to share in a blog but I found out in rehab that I am positive for hepc. It was my second week there and they called me into the office. My best friend had left a messege that I should call her immediatly b/c she was at the docter(for a boob job) and that they detected something in her blood. Thinking the worst, they made me call her and she had tested positive for hepc. A week or so later they sent me for the bloodwork and unfortunaty i too was positive. Im glad to hear your getting the treatment though and your doing well.I am hoping to get treated at some point, but things are kinda crazy at the moment. Good Luck, and happy holidays!


  6. Hi Bi11i,
    sorry its been a while, i hope you had a great chrissy and am so glad to hear you cleared the “C”, ive just been bummin about, havent been online much but i will try, promise!!!!
    Happy New Years To All, Love Ariel


  7. Bi11i,

    Just wanted to say congratulations on your health. Me and the hubby have Hep C for years and keep putting off getting treatment..Ah..we are sissies…May this year bring you much joy and peace. I am an avid reader of JL, it is part of my morning ritual after the methadone and coffee…Whatever deity you believed in, whether it is a tree, a song or God…I hope “it” blesses you….Please keep JL going..

    Hugs and Health…Susan


  8. look at that xmas present you just got(fucking fantastic) and you dont believe in tiny little elves and the north pole with the reindeer.BTW chk out my posts,we could be twins except i hope we don’t look alike for your but we deff think alike.
    peace b steve da/dawgg


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