Opray Winfrey & James Frey

Wow, what a guy.  Watching him stumble through lie after lie on Oprah was really, really disappointing. 

I’m waiting to hear the whole transcript as I only caught a portion of the broadcast, but posting now just for the sake of my previous two entries.

I’m not all that sure I can be the James Frey advocate that I once was.

More to come…

7 thoughts on “Opray Winfrey & James Frey

  1. I still havent lost all faith in Big Jim. I felt extreemly bad for him while he stumbled over his lies on Opera and for a while was even upset myself. However, this was his story of addiction. I know some people who have seriously embellished (sp?) durring their recovery stories, and that doesnt make them any less worthy. he is a sick fuck telling his story, do you really think he will be as pure as gold?
    The only thing I hold against Frey was the way he handled it. He should have come out and said, “Yes, I embellished, and made my addiction sound as it felt. Addiction tears apart a person and this story is how it felt to awaken to my sick self.”
    I beleve that this approach would have served him much better.


  2. What’s sorta amusing is I was talking with Soma about this book a long time ago and he said he thought is sounded a bit fabricated. As if the world has a shortage of good junkie writers. Check out JL Oprah!



  3. Really good blog. I am definetly a junkie but I’m rising above it everyday. It ain’t easy being sleazy,eh? I went through the Interferon and Ribivirin,WTF, IT’S SOME GOD AWFUL SHIT ISN’T IT? But it’s worth it to get the levels down, it makes it like a do over when we were kids, well kinda. Good luck buddy and count me in your corner!!


  4. NEVER TRUST A JUNKY! Seriously though you know it is all true .. . . . .. he remembered every word of all those long dialouges in the book. It sounded real to me!


  5. I was so shocked, and a little saddend, about the whole scandal. The enire 3 days I read that book I thought “wow, this is a brave guy. ” I read that he tried to publish the book as a work of fiction first. When they rejected him he “supposedly” took out all the fiction to make it a non fictional book. I really hated to find out that he lied. It was still a great book though


  6. Yea that was sad watching that on Oprah, the both looked like idiots Oprah wanting to make her seem like she is getting even, him stumbling over words oviously uncomfortable. I feel bad for the guy, but if you read his books and believed that half that shit was true in teh first place you had the wool pulled over your eyes.

    You could just tell by his writing, kinda sad though as he was getting that kinda of writing a lot of publicity still is I suppose. To bad his publishers figured they would make a pretty penny more if it was a memoir rather than an act of fiction.


    He still doesnt hold a candle to one of my fav’s Brett Easton Eliss [BEE baby]


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