Opray Winfrey & James Frey

Wow, what a guy.  Watching him stumble through lie after lie on Oprah was really, really disappointing.  I’m waiting to hear the whole transcript as I only caught a portion of the broadcast, but posting now just for the sake of my previous two entries. I’m not all that sure I can be the James […]

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Larry King and James Frey

So I was fortunate enough to catch the James Frey interview on Larry King Live last night.  When the camera first panned to Frey, the poor guy looked like a deer caught in headlights.  I seriously felt for the guy and am glad it wasn’t me. The interview wasn’t what I had hoped.  My expectations […]

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Merry Xmas 2 Me

I just found out yesterday that I have no detectable levels of Hep C in my blood and only after six weeks of treatment. Fantastic news for what has otherwise been a fairly stressful week, dealing with idiots & retards both in reality and cyberspace alike. Business is picking up in other areas and things […]

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Getting Better

Strangely enough, things are getting better much quicker than I expected. Last week I was thinking that continuuing on with this foul treatment was going to be an impossibility, but this week things are different. I’m not feeling all that rotten; mainly nauseated and tired a lot of the time, but not completely fuckered. Being […]

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It’s been about two and half weeks since I started my Pegainterferon and Ribavirin treatment for my Hep C. Surprisingly, the first week really wasn’t all that bad. I could definitely feel the poison running through my veins and it certainly wasn’t a natural sick feeling that I’ve been enduring. The second week (my injections, […]

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About a year ago, I noticed a small blister forming on the mouth of my woman. When I told her about it, she flipped out, running to the bathroom to take a look. “A fucking cold sore!” “A cold sore? What’s that?” “I get cold sores. My mother passed them on to me as a […]

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A Week's Time

I promised myself that I’d keep somewhat of a daily journal going through this treatment process; I’m not doing all that well so far. The day of my first injection wasn’t all that bad. It was the first time ever that I’ve not associated (or had a hard time not associating) needles and injections with […]

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Day One

I did up my first dose of Peginterferon. I don’t really feel much yet, maybe a little slugish… …Happy Halloween.

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I’ve not had nearly the amount of time I would’ve liked to prepare for this treatment. Interferon and Ribavirin are on my desk and my stomach turns every time I look at them. From what I read about this stuff, I’m not going to be in the greatest of shape come tomorrow. Sleeplessness, lethargy, and […]

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Time enough

Only a couple of days left until I start my treatment. I’ve set a static, unalterable, and definite date for the start of my treatment. I didn’t get the job I interviewed for, most of my affairs are in order, and I’m all set to start on the 29th. The 29th! Only a few days […]

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