Put me off again, Daddy.

I was supposed to start yesterday. I didn’t. I had an interview for a job, instead; something I’m thinking about more and more as the day for treatment approaches. Working from home and being self-employed has it’s kicks, but my family needs the money and I’m sure they’re tired of me trying to make it […]

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I’ve always been a big fan of music. I started collecting vinyl a few years ago after I sold my 1500 CD collection, piece by piece, for money to buy smack. I figure that I’d never get an offer great enough to want to part with my vinyl as there’s really not too many folks […]

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countdown to interferon

I finally made my appointment. My doctor gave me a quick lesson in how to use a needle. Like I need one of those, but what the hell – it can’t hurt to go through the motions, I’ve been out of practice for at least a couple of years. There was a point in time […]

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October Smoctober

As silly and as stupid as this sounds, I’m not starting until the 17th. Interferon can wait; my insurance has covered the $2700 in medications at $35, it sits in my refridgerator, waiting. Waiting and listening for me to make the plunge. The 17th it is.

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Supreme Lethargy

Even after working out daily for a couple of weeks, my energy levels are still completely shot. The Hepatitis is taking hold, reminding me that I need to get this treatment process started sooner than later. With three businesses and two projects to maintain, I don’t know how I’m going to manage. I’m already putting […]

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not in my backyard

The bastards. I moved from Portland, Oregon to Boise, Idaho in hopes of finding a decent job back in my hometown and possibly the opening of a few new doors. So far, I’ve not had much luck, although I have been able to generate some small change via self-employment . In coming back, however, I […]

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Ten-thousand, nine-hundred, fifty.

I keep telling myself I’ll spend a few minutes here working on my blog today — I keep putting it off. I must be expecting something profound or enlightening to spill out from my hands out onto the screen; nothing doing.

Today, I’m thirty years old. My twenties are over. My twenties are over and I’m damn near certain that the damage I’ve done to my long-term memory is what’s keeping me from spending the day lost in regret at having wasted some of my best years struggling and learning how to become the person that I am today. I do, however, find much comfort in my optimisim for what the future has in store and also in the experience that I’ve gained by taking the path that I have. If I only would’ve spent the first part of my life directing as much energy into making money as I did in shooting it up into my arm…

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The dust has somewhat settled after a make-it-or-break kind of week. An evergrowing shit-storm is certainly in the works and I can only smile my way through its brewing and make the best of it. Life has been easier, although one unique and promising aspect that seperates this time from any other in my life […]

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holy fucking shit pt.1

Not much else to say here, really. I’m turning 30 in just a few weeks, I have no job and have been unemployed for almost a full year, I’ve got Hepatitis C and have to start treatment right about the day of my birthday. In an effort to keep myself afloat I made an attempt […]

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a serious venture

With my last few hundred dollars I’ve decided to pay all my bills and cut my expenses down to almost nothing. I ditched my home phone at $70 a month and went with VoIP at a mere $15. I’ve changed my cell plan to cost me an easy $30 a month instead of $80. I’ve […]

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