here we go

As much as I’ve wanted (and tried) to ignore the whole Hepatitis C thing, the day to start treatment is coming much faster than I’d like. I’ve done no reading, no research, nothing to acknowledge that I’m probably going to be sick as fuck for about a month, and then to top it all off, […]

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need. more. time.

I wish I had more time to put towards the so-called story of my life here. In trying to start a business and make things happen I find that the days go by far too quickly and seem to be one big mesh of milky brain puss at the end of the week. Last weekend […]

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I’ve got big questions on both how this works and how long it lasts. I’ve heard and read horror stories about taking Ibogaine for a day or so and then coming out of it only to head straight into withdrawal.

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i believe in jesus (juice)

Only another hour or so until they accounce the Michael Jackson verdict. I haven’t been a real big follower of the whole thing, but it is interesting. Jackson goes to jail? My god, the entertainment value of this guy winding up in prison is just too much. If he didn’t do it, great; let the […]

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jesus, schmesus

I would venture to guess if you believed in a god you might be feeling very angry at him/her for the things that have gone wrong in your life. Not at all… Actually, I’m pretty much content with my life and most often even elated to be living it. It must be at least somewhat […]

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i heart matt bunker

I received this cheerful little message in my inbox today: “The Opiophile” WOW your site fucking sucks anyway nigger! go suck a cock you fucking un-origional bastard… why run a site if its gonna be such a usless piece of shit with no information about anything,… oh im sorry we know how to make poppy […]

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unscathed (almost)

As good of a time as any, I guess. I had always thought I’d come away from it all with maybe some partially blackened lungs and a collapsed vein or two. I never envisioned actually having my teeth rot right out from my mouth (although this is one fairly common trait shared amongst opiate addicts.) […]

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four down, five to go

The migraine of a lifetime and an experience I’m not all that anxious to repeat; over and hour for a single filling, two thirds of which had to be drilled out beforehand. The other three were a breeze and no more worse than the sting of the novacaine, but the first was bad and will […]

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I thought it would be worse. I thought it might be better. Nine cavities is damn near one for every year I neglected to take myself to the dentist; a small price to pay for the amount of abuse I’ve dished out to this poor body of mine. Fifteen-hundred dollars is another story. Where I’ll […]

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