dope sick love

What a great documentary this was; a one hour trip into an 18 month street-excursion of crack smoking, heroin shooting, and scant living.

Brent and Craig Renaud are both brother and filmmakers who were raised in Little Rock, Ark. This first film premiering on HBO, portrays the followed lives of two drug addicted couples on the streets of New York. Missing teeth, track marks, scheming, prostituting; this film covers the whole junky scene at it’s worst. It brought me back to my own desperate and junked out days, where scene after scene I was bracing myself against injection close-ups, sketchy money-making scenarios, and compromising situations. When the film was over, I was totally fucking exhausted.

A bi11i highly recommended film…

One thought on “dope sick love

  1. We don’t get HBO over here, but our national free-to-air broadcaster has bought a couple of their more notable works over the last couple of years – Angels in America and Carnivale come to mind. I do hope they screen this one, as well. I’ll be recommending it to a couple of other people I know who’ve also crawled up from the druggie abyss…

    Cheers for the heads-up, bi11i.


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