I’ve got big questions on both how this works and how long it lasts. I’ve heard and read horror stories about taking Ibogaine for a day or so and then coming out of it, only to head straight into withdrawal. What’s it take and what’s it involve? I may not be strung out on the dope, but I’m sure as hell dependent on the Buprenorphine. The lesser of two evils, definitely, but man does it fuck with me. My sex drive is totally gone, my motivation is seriously lacking, I’m tired a lot of the time, and it only seems to be getting worse. A total shit combination when trying to get a business off the ground and plus take care of a woman, I’d do most anything to feel better these days.

Part of me wonders if my feelings so slow and low doesn’t have something to do with the Hep C; something I haven’t had looked at or treated since I was diagnosed with it a few months ago. Regardless, I’d do just about anything to get off of this stuff and feel normal. With all the nights I lay awake worrying about my life going by without me or even ending abruptly for one reason or another, I think it’s time to come off the bup and do what I can to be clear headed, especially through the Inferon process (which I might want to help along with some real pain killers.)

So back to the Ibogaine. With it legal in some worldly places, it must be fairly easy to obtain. If one can acquire the most illegal of analogue research chemicals on the web, Ibogaine must be available somewhere, but then what? I’m most likely going to want a guide of some sort, especially if this is a multiple day ordeal. One of the newer Opiophile.org moderators is an Ibogaine guide from Prague. A great excuse to leave the country? More research on my part is definitely needed, but I’m leaning almost definitively towards having a go at it here sooner than later.

3 thoughts on “ibogaine

  1. I only know one person who tried Ibogaine, and it was not a good experience, although I know very little about the actual events.

    Also, I have a buddy who is on Suboxone maintenance and started Interferon-Ribavirin treatment and couldn’t make it through the first 12 weeks because he was so sick. The doctors decided it was too much of a strain on his body since he was taking Suboxone too. Interferon doesn’t have a bad effect on some people, but you may want to be extra careful if you start treatment while still on the bupe. Might be even more reason to get off the bupe! Best wishes!


  2. Ibogaine is FOR REAL. I went from 90 mgs. of methadone (9 months daily) to ZERO with NO withdrawal symptoms and most importantly NO CRAVINGS. done right, it’s a miracle. Luckily, that’s the way i did it, with experienced folk. I’ve kicked methadone cold turkey (32mgs) and believe me IBOGAINE WORKS


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