a serious venture

With my last few hundred dollars I’ve decided to pay all my bills and cut my expenses down to almost nothing. I ditched my home phone at $70 a month and went with VoIP at a mere $15. I’ve changed my cell plan to cost me an easy $30 a month instead of $80. I’ve surveyed my house and unplugged every appliance and unnecessary item I own in order to get my power bill below $40 a month. As much as I like to cook, I think it’s time to get a gas stovetop and get rid of this electrical thing, letting the landlord deal with the greasy piece of appliance when the time comes.

I’ll have just enough left to invest with a friend into this online business that we’ve been keeping together on the back burner. With myself on as technical slash marketing and my partner on as research slash development, our said company should be our ticket out the poor house. I know it will be relatively slow going at first, but all of this energy I direct out into cyberspace needs to be harnessed and focused sharply in a profitable direction if I’m ever going to make something out of myself. I can spend hours, days even, converging all my energy and attention into this machine and there should be, must be a way to continue on doing so while raking in a moderate fortune. Unfortunately for me, it’s not the hard work and dedication I’m short on, it’s the ingenuity.

I know I’m no idiot. I may not be brilliant or some evil genius, but I can easily look down upon some of these other schmucks out there making their millions by asdf’ing their way all the way to the bank and see that I’m unquestionably no less capable. I certainly can’t be meant to live in cubicle land while working for some company too big to care and I’m definitely not meant for the suit and tie scene. I know positively, however, that I am meant to at least live comfortably and doing for a living what makes me happy.

In the meantime, and especially before my six-months of HC treatments begin, I’m headed off to the YMCA to spend a little time working on my body and hopefully in turn, my mind. At 30 years old (and turning so soon) I’m in probably the worst shape of my life, although I have quit smoking and for a year now I’ve been without that Kool-in-a-box Curse. Getting in at least a little bit of shape should help me in starting the HC treatments with a positive mind. After me, it will be my woman, as she has it, too.

Could things be any worse? Of course. They can always be worse. Plus, the best part about worse is that things can only get better…

6 thoughts on “a serious venture

  1. When you become a rich internet guru, you should let me become a lowly internet helper. Good luck with your project; if its what I think it is you’ll do great.


  2. Your dream is out there B..life can be funny like that..when things begin to click..they begin to click. Hang in..focus on taking care of your physical self and the rest will fall into place.

    So say and promise the cyber Gods that be.




  3. Good luck with the on-line business, owning your own is a cool feeling. I am jealous of the smoking thing. I keep myself in good shape but I still smoke, about two packs a week but still. Good man about paying your bills. I would rather be broke with my bills paid than broke and under pressure. You seem very smart to me, I am sure you will be a success.



  4. Damn, YOU didnt even update your links to put me on. Shame shame. This outfit it looking more haphazard than it did originally with the rules to keep links updated and stuff. You shoulda seen me, poppin from blog to blog making sure I had everybody and nobody new joined and Kel was on there and all my links worked…some people you can tell have been here way longer, because they only have a few people in their links list.

    And the paying bills thing I can completely identify with right now *sigh*…I’ve been on the phone all day acting as Harv’s secretary and forcing him to respond to all the calls for his bills before he met me. You would never think someone would meet a junkie and the junkie would pull THEM out of financial distress. A 22 year old junkie pulls a 50 year old out of debt and buys this happy couple a $10k car…not the normal story. The only thing keeping me from wishing I had kept more of that car money for bills is that the car pays for itself every single second its on the road.

    (look, even if i dont email you, i still torture and bother you! whooppe!)


  5. Easy now. Easy. I got your link up on the main page now, didn’t I? I also went back and updated the links on the last two blogs I created before yours, so that must count for something….?

    Either way, you’re right. As uppity as I am on the link up-keep, I should be taking care of business on my end as well. I’ll try to be more aggresive in making sure they’re taken care of.

    As for “this outfit it looking more haphazard than it did originally”. We’re not an outfit. We’re an operation. Op-er-a-tion.


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